Caribbean Microfinance Alliance

We welcome your interest in becoming a member of the CMFA. 

Becoming a member of the CMFA, the Caribbean's premier microfinance network, is one of the most important steps you can take towards building the capacity of your organization. CMFA members are instantly connected to a network of microfinance practitioners and stakeholders across the Caribbean. To become a member of the CMFA your organizations must fall in either of the following two categories:

Microfinance Providers. Institutions that are directly involved in the provision of microfinance services including NGOs and similar institutions that are not subject to financial regulation, and which meet standards of performance as set by the CMFA or formally regulated financial institutions, such as commercial banks and credit unions with a demonstrated commitment to microfinance.

Support Organizations. Institutions that provide services and functions that support the work of microfinance providers or contribute to a positive enabling environment for microfinance. Examples could include national policy-making bodies, financial regulators, training, academic and support organisations and financing institutions.


Membership Fees 

The CMFA’s annual membership fee is US$600. This amount is payable on a calendar year basis and can be charged pro rata depending on the date of admission into membership. Payment may be done by cheque or bank draft payable to Caribbean Microfinance Alliance. 


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Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors at least on a quarterly basis. Please be aware that the Caribbean Microfinance Alliance has the right to refuse or postpone an application of membership of which you will be duly informed in writing.

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