Caribbean Microfinance Alliance

Spaar- en Kredietcooperatie De Schakel g.a.

Reginald Fransberg, Managing Director (CEO)
Institution Contact Details
Name of Institution Spaar- en Kredietcooperatie De Schakel g.a.
Postal Address Frederik Derbystraat 85, P.O. box: 2425, Paramaribo
Country Suriname
Telephone (597) 41 02 10 - 42 67 06
Fax (597) 42 43 82
Website Address
Skype De Schakel Coop (Credit Union)
Contact Persons Mrs. Dayenne Wielingen - Verwey - Managing Director
Mr. Reginald F. Tjon Akon - Chairperson
Category Of Membership Application Microfinance Provider
General Institutional Information
Current Legal Status Limited Liability
Objectives The objective of the Cooperative is to promote the interests of its members. The Cooperative will endeavour to achieve this objective by:
a. Promoting a savings habit and the efficient management of financial resources among the members;
b. Forming funds with the monies saved and deposited by the members of the Cooperative;
c. Using such funds for the purpose of providing loans to the members in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws and Resolutions;
d. Promoting the concept of mutual assistance through collaborative links with other cooperatives both at home and abroad;
e. Utilizing all legal means to achieve or to promote the defined objectives.
Brief History The CU is founded on February 2, 1972 as the first open bound credit union in Suriname by members of RC Church.
Ownership Member-owned
Microfinance Operations In February 2010 we started delivery of Microfinance products with financial and institutional assistance of a national Micro Credit Program (MKP) initiated by the Suriname Government in addition to technical assistance by the Carib-Cap Project.
Main Funding Sources MKP (Micro Credit Program)
Main Challenges 1. Lack of knowledgeable staff
2. Building awareness
3. Small economy of scale.
Other Networks None at this time

We represent the interests of our members and their clients

We are the voice for the Caribbean Microfinance industry