Caribbean Microfinance Alliance

La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited

Yolanda L. Gomez, General Manager
Institution Contact Details
Name of Institution La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited
Postal Address 5 Park Street, P.O. Box 144, Orange Walk Town
Country Belize, Central America
Telephone 501 - 322-2358
Fax 501 - 322-3520
Website Address
Skype N/A
Contact Persons Yolanda Gomez - General Manager
Yadeli Urbina - Projects Manager
Category Of Membership Application Microfinance Provider
General Institutional Information
Current Legal Status Credit Union, Non-profit
Objectives LICU's objective is to enhance the living conditions of its membership through inclusive and affordable financial services while continuously catering to the needs of the underserved and the community at large.
Brief History LICU was established in 1949 with ten (10) visionary members. Today it has over 11,000+ members with $28M in assets. It has established liaisons with many governmental and non-governmental entities to ensure the delivery of numerous additional benefits and services at competitive rates.
Ownership Member owned
Microfinance Operations LICU is formally rolling out it pilot MicroFinance Loan Product under the title "Quick Credit" in February 2011.
Main Funding Sources Shares
Main Challenges Streamlining and incorporating the informal economy into a controlled and formal structure with affordable prices while absorbing the higher potential risks.
Other Networks Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU) World Council of Credit unions (WOCCU)

We represent the interests of our members and their clients

We are the voice for the Caribbean Microfinance industry