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Coöperatieve Spaar- en Kredietbank Godo G.A.

Institution Contact Details
Name of Institution Coöperatieve Spaar- en Kredietbank Godo G.A.
Postal Address Keizerstraat # 139-143
Country Suriname
Telephone +597-421546
Fax +597-411609
Email or
Website Address
Skype Godocu
Contact Persons Ashwin Gopi - Chief Commercial Officer
Rene Amatsahlan - Relationship Manager
Sophia Graanoogst - Employee MSME Department
Consuella Cameron - Executive Assistant
Category Of Membership Application Microfinance Provider
General Institutional Information
Current Legal Status Limited Liability Company
Objectives The objective of the Cooperative bank is to promote the interest of its members and clients by:
- promoting the savings habit among its members
- efficient management of the financial resources of its members
- efficient matching between funds and the providing of loans in accordance with the By-laws and Resolutions
- facilitating its members in upgrading their living standards and circumstances
Brief History The organization was founded on December 10th 1971 as a savings and credit cooperative. Godo stands for honeycomb and with the busy bees working together on the development of their environment. Due to the strong growth in membership and professionalism, the demand for extra financial services increased as well, which led to the transition to become a Cooperative bank. On June 01st 2010 Godo became the first cooperative bank in Suriname
Ownership Member-owned
Microfinance Operations In October 2010 Godo started with the delivery of microfinance products with financial and technical assistance of the Micro Credit Programme (MKP) initiated by the Suriname Government. Microfinance products consist of micro credits, saving products, insurance and advice.
Main Funding Sources Funds from the MKP programme
Main Challenges - Delinquency Management
- Building awareness
- Customer Outreach in rural areas
- Expanding network relations to increase customer outreach
Other Networks None at the time

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