Caribbean Microfinance Alliance

This year the CMFA will be carrying out a number of well-defined activities.

To do this we will be participating as a key stakeholder in the Caribbean Microfinance Capacity Building Project II (Carib-Cap II), funded by Citi Foundation, the Multilateral Investment Fund, the Caribbean Development Bank and the European Commission. This engagement by Carib-Cap II is an effort by the partners to strengthen and increase the institutional capacity of the CMFA even as we deliver quality services to our members. 


Performance Monitoring & Benchmarking

Monitoring and analysis of institutional, financial and social performance indicators and generation of individualized reports that give our members better insight into the actual financial and social position of their organization and benchmark their position in the regional and global microfinance sector.

Financial Education Training

The CMFA will be working on the “demand” side to increase financial literacy among CMFA member clients to foster a culture of loan repayment and increased savings by coordinating the development of a financial education curriculum and a training of entrepreneurs (TOE) programme.

Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards for the Caribbean

The Citi Microentrepreneurship Awards will again be implemented as a regional programme. The programme will be managed by the CMFA as part of the Alliance’s objective to highlight and strengthen the MF industry in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Microfinance Forum

The CMFA aims to achieve recognition as a representative of the Caribbean microfinance sector. To this end we will be working closely with CARIB-CAP II to plan and coordinate the Caribbean Microfinance Forum V (CMF V).

Smart Campaign

The CMFA and the Smart Campaign are currently partnering to introduce Client Protection Assessments to the Caribbean. We are embarking on a two (2) year programme to train and certify Assessors, deliver an online client protection training series and assess microfinance institutions (MFIs)