Caribbean Microfinance Alliance

We are committed to increasing the visibility of microfinance in the Caribbean commensurate with our partners in Latin America and the rest of the world. 

 The CMFA aims to be a catalyst in the development of the Caribbean microfinance industry regionally and globally by working with microfinance practitioners, country-level networks, private sector operators, policy makers and donors to create linkages and develop financial systems and innovative practices that work for microfinance institutions and their clients.

As a result, the CMFA’s mission is to contribute to the provision of effective and sustainable microfinance services to Caribbean micro entrepreneurs by supporting MFIs in improving their outreach and financial performance. The CMFA and its members will leverage their knowledge, resources and results on the ground to positively impact microfinance services by:

  • Creating and maintaining a Virtual Platform for members to maintain contact, collaborate and  exchange ideas and information;
  • Supporting self regulation in a form that facilitates the informality, flexibility and innovation in the sector while promoting growth with order;
  • Designing and monitoring performance indicators and standards that are specific to Caribbean MFIs while adhering to international best practices;
  • Advocating increased transparency and improvement in social performance;
  • Advocating vis-à-vis the public sector in the region for changes in the regulatory environment for microfinance and building consensus around policies that work;
  • Establishing linkages with other microfinance organizations and networks to promote exchanges, share information, access resources and participate in the global microfinance movement.

We represent the interests of our members and their clients